Friday, September 12, 2008

Third day of class


Today is another great day to work on your project. Please check your email and see if you have received the blog calendar and blog standards. I want each of you to follow it and this is what will get you credit for doing your blog.


- I want at least 5 good posts with about two paragraphs in them. Posts are the main features of blogs. Blog is actually short for weblog, so a blog is actually a type of journal.

- I want at least 10 pictures on your blog

- I also want a bunch of links. Links are the things you click on to take you to another website or blog. You must have links to the HLC homepage, our HLC Bloggerz blog, and a bunch of other ones.

- The base credit hours for this course is .10, but you can get more if you come and talk to me about how much time you are going to spend on your project blog.

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A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?

A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?
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