Thursday, September 25, 2008

First Day of Instruction, Block 3

Aloha HLC Bloggers,

The following is information about our class. You may call it a syllabus.

Blog Class (Friday's 8:30am to 11:00am)

Teacher Contact Info:

True Intention of this class:
1. Learn how to create and manage blogs for final products and other use.
2. Learn how to manipulate blog features to create a unique product.
3. Emphasize the importance of content and research management in terms of project-based learning.

Requirements for this class:
1. Create a gmail/google account or already have one.
2. Be willing to learn new things
3. Follow Kumu Feki's instructions

Overarching Blog Principles:
1. Most of your needs are visible, you just need to see it.
2. Content First, Presentation Second.
3. Clicking red boxes with x's on it is dangerous

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A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?

A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?
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