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Law of The Splintered Paddle

The Law of the Splinter Paddle was ordered by Kamehameha the Great. It was to inforce the protection of inncoent people from being, robbed or murdered. One day Kamehameha came across a couple fishermen, seeing Kamehameha arriving they fled, but one was not fast. Being chased by Kamehameha he ran and ran, Kamehameha became stuck in a crack in the lava rocks. The fisherman bashed Kamehameha in the head with the paddle, the paddle broke. Later on Kamehameha saw what his actions caused so then he commened the Law of The Slpinter Paddle. Whoever broke the Law would than be killed by a paddle or another way.

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=]=]the law of the splintered paddle=]=]

the story behind this picture is very intresting!!!!! i like it!!!! i also think that more ppl should look at it and learn more about it. the picture to the left explains the story very well=]=]


ON thE fiEld tRiP thAt WE WENt ON WE WENt tO GO SEE thE "lAW Of thE SPliNtERED PAddlE" StAtUE ANd it WAS REAllY fUN................bYE GUYS

Tonys Post

Wassup, just doing the post for blogging class.

The splintered paddle

The story of the splintered paddle is very simple that king kamehameha wanted to do somthing bad then got wacked veryhard the relized that wat he did was very wrong and wanted to make a law that you should leave innocent people alone and do the right thing.

Law of the Splintered Paddle

The law of the splintered paddle is about being kind and giving to the innocent, it had originated from the true story of King Kamehameha the Great. During King Kamehameha's time he was of course king, and believed that if he ruled the land everything and everyone belonged to him. One day he had decided to steal fish from a fisherman and his families home, but because the fisherman did not know it was the king and out of love and protection for his family, he struck King Kamehameha on the back of the head with his paddle, the paddle splintered as well as knocked the King out cold. When the king had awaken he had had an a epiphany, realizing that it was wrong to steal and pick on the weaker and innocent. From that day on the law of the splintered paddle was enforced, it was important to protect the weaker, sickly, and younger against crimes of others.

law of the splintered paddle

Law the Splintered Paddle, the law is to protect the elderly, woman and children. as you could see in the picture there is a man being struck by paddle and it splintered(reason for the name). At the bottom of the painting there is another person watching this and holding a child. The person that is being struck is Kamehameha because he was trying to steal fish form these other people, they were scared and hit him on his head

ThiS stOry WaS veRy IntERestIng n daT u SHoulD leaVE inNoCEnt peOple aLOne. YeA it waS alRiGht N i wAs dYinG in ThA hOt sUN.

law of the splintered paddle

okay so last week i wasnt here to hear about the story.
this is a link to a blog that i found while looking up research about this story. i have to reserach because i was absent last week when the class went to look at the statue by the court house by HLC.
Kumy Feki told me that when King Kamehameha was on his way to the Bis Island he saw 2 fishermen. He was going to strike them (i think) but his foot got caught in some coral... they saw him and they hit him with a paddle and it broke so that is why its call thed the law of the splintered paddle because he realized that no one should harm an innocent person.
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