Friday, October 24, 2008

Follow Up Assignment to TechTalk...

Aloha HLC Bloggerz

In conclusion of our wonderful experience with the Tech Talk Conference and the peeps who love WordPress, please do the following. And remember that a paragraph is 4 to 5 sentences.

1. Write a paragraph on what you learned at the Blogging session we attended. Include how you felt and what you learned from the presenter.

2. Please also write a paragraph about the following thought, "You give your best work...You give it away...The Universe will reward."

3. Also log on to and give me 2 sentences of what you see that is pretty interesting. Also start a blog on Wordpress and give me the address.

4. Also please tell me in 3 sentences what woopra is (you may want to visit

And email all of this to me at


feki54 said...

The following is from Charles:

I learned that a lot of people like this word press website. I also learned that you can find people and other stuff. She taught us the meaning woopra. She also was showing us a little tour of the site. She also taught us about the newer version of word press. I have nothing much to say about that line because it could mean anything. I think that lady was kind of weird. I like the whole links like the theme one and all the different story's. I also like there home page with all the different pics and typed words. Woopra is like this big map with the whole world. It is also for other people to find there loved ones. I think it's to see were you and other people are located.

feki54 said...

And Kelia shared this:

-Today while being at the tech talk and listing to the lady talk about word press. I learned that word press changes lives. There was a lady that had a very bad illness and she was using the word press. The lady that had the illness really liked the word press because it could get he thoughts across that we mouth couldn't. She was known as the left thumb lady.

feki54 said...

And Darian said this:

What I learned at the blogging session at Windward Community College is about this program called and how it's another blogging site for people that want to express themselves in a whole other way. Also, how it's free, easy to use, and fun, I liked the graphics but the slide show was kind of boring and made me lose some interest not to be rude or anything that's just my opinion. What I learned from the presenter was about the program itself and how she's like an addict or something ( just joking haha) and blogs about mostly anything and that lets you talk about anything and say things that you would probably never say in person. It gives you a freedom of speech online and a lot of people like to go online and go on websites like facebook, myspace, etc... I thought, the program itself was interesting and I plan on visiting the website to just browse and test it out and see if I like it or not.

The phrase: "You give your best work...You give it away...The Universe will reward." to me means that if you strive to do the best of your abilities and put it into you work and you share it with others then they or “the universe” will reward you with comments about it and compliment you or even reward you with stuff you never thought would happen to you.

I logged on to and I think it's very easy to use, neat, and looks fun. Just created an account on and so I'm gonna start making my blog and compare this website to and see which is better but so far seems fun, and less complicated.

Basically is like a website that displays a huge map of all over the world and it shows people that are on the website. There are many features in that website and it's FREE! You can chat with people, manage blogs, track visitors, etc..

feki54 said...

And Keawe shared this:

I learned that on Woopra you can look at other people on line. Blogging has changed allot of peoples lives. It changes their lives because it helps people find jobs and helps people with their jobs. I think that it is good that you can share your work with people. It is cool that you can get rewarded from people you don't know. I like to know that people around the world is looking at my work. Woopra is a website that allows you to look at other people that are online.

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A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?
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