Friday, April 24, 2009

Law of the Splintered Paddle

The law of the splintered paddle is about being kind and giving to the innocent, it had originated from the true story of King Kamehameha the Great. During King Kamehameha's time he was of course king, and believed that if he ruled the land everything and everyone belonged to him. One day he had decided to steal fish from a fisherman and his families home, but because the fisherman did not know it was the king and out of love and protection for his family, he struck King Kamehameha on the back of the head with his paddle, the paddle splintered as well as knocked the King out cold. When the king had awaken he had had an a epiphany, realizing that it was wrong to steal and pick on the weaker and innocent. From that day on the law of the splintered paddle was enforced, it was important to protect the weaker, sickly, and younger against crimes of others.

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A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?
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