Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rules and Procedures Block 6 Bloggerz

Please review these rules and procedures and email Kumu Feki when you decide to agree or not.

These are our RULES AND PROCEDURES for Blogging Class:

- Bloggerz will come to class and sit on the center tables known as the piko and await instructions from Kumu Feki.
- Bloggerz will receive welcoming announcements, information and directives then proceed as instructed by Kumu Feki.
- Bloggerz need to always improve their knowledge of using blogs and improving them.
- Bloggerz will not play games or listen to personal music during class.
- Bloggerz will listen to Kumu Feki's Jamz and will not touch his radio unless directed by Kumu Feki.
- Bloggerz will not chew or possess gum during class.
- Bloggerz will be in dress code at all times during Blogging Class.
- Bloggerz will take a break in the middle of class as determined by Kumu Feki.
- Bloggerz will not go to or any other social network. If an HLC Blogger is caught breaking this rule he/she will be written up without warning and phone calls to parents/guardians will occur.
- Bloggerz will come to Kumu Feki with questions about improving blogs. At times students with expertise may also be called upon.
- At any time during the Basic Skills Workshop, Kumu Feki can call the HLC Bloggerz to meet at the piko of the Classroom.
- Bloggerz will email Kumu Feki ( the URL to any blogs they create at any time in the future.
- Bloggerz will begin to turn off the computers, pick up trash, clean any other things up and push the chairs in around them at 11:10
- Bloggerz will follow as many HLC blogs as they can. They must know how to use Google Reader.
- All HLC Bloggerz have a lifetime warranty on asking Kumu Feki questions via email or in person about blogs or life in general.

If you agree to these terms please email me at and write to me that you agree to abide by and follow the RULES AND PROCEDURES of my Blogging Class.
If you do not agree to these terms, then also send me an email at stating why you do not agree and why the rule should be repealed. Make sure you state your reasons why very carefully.

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1 comment:

Aunty Max said...

I love your RULES AND PROCEDURES for this Blogging Class. I totally agree and will support you 100%. Keep up the awesome work Kumu.

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A Blog? Blogging??? What is that?
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